Hey !

Who’s coming around me ???
I ‘ve lost my sense of humor, you can’t be serious….
See …. ! My brainless attitude….
You’ve said so many times that I’m so careless

You’re waiting help from me…
‘need positivity….
but I have fresh news for you : I’m a monster !

Why should I take care of you ?
Did you even care ‘bout me ?
Since the day you left,
I’m drowning in my drink…
My only question was : how can I forget her ?
Never found the answer,
but ‘found what you mean to me !

Yeah Yeah

You are my poison
and I have no remedy
I’m addicted to your love
the problem’s that you don’t want me !

You are my poison
Every Day it’s killing me
and I will always be there for you,
yeah, even If you have left me….

So …?
What can I do for you, ?
The evil ex-boyfriend I listening to you…

What am I doing here….
Do I really must listen to your stories ?

I knew that day will come
I should have burned my phone
I should have made a solid rope to hang myself
I should have gone in a far far away city

I must find an escape
before it’s getting too late
Anyway I must get away from you princess
‘cause it’s too hard for me, to face reality